About us

Neuromonitoring UK is a special interest group formed in January 2009 led by Christine Reber with members principally from a background in Neurophysiology or Medical Physics/Bioengineering. These Health Service Professionals monitor and map the nervous system during specific surgical procedures to help identify when it is at risk.  The goal is to prevent post-operative neurological complications in operations such as instrumentation of the spine for scoliosis correction, and removal of space occupying lesions in the brain and spinal cord.

The aims of the group are to:

  • Promote surgical neuromonitoring
  • Promote the role of the professional involved in surgical neuromonitoring within the surgical team
  • Encourage and promote excellence in neuromonitoring to support the delivery of best care for patients
  • Organise educational meetings and scientific events with a theme of neuromonitoring
  • Provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas relating to neuromonitoring
  • Provide a source of advice and support for neuromonitoring professionals
  • To work with other professional groups towards the development and advancement of neuromonitoring

On 27th April 2015 the group was incorporated and became a company limited by guarantee.  Neuromonitoring UK is currently run by an executive committee of directors who volunteer to help set up the organisation and who work hard to ensure its success. The principal officers (Jan 2020) are:

Post Post Holder Email Address
Chair Lindsay Gripton chair@neuromonitoringuk.org
Deputy Chair Diane Boothman deputy@neuromonitoringuk.org
Secretary Dimitrios Kefalas secretary@neuromonitoringuk.org
Treasurer Helen Grover & Ruth Brotherstone treasurer@neuromonitoringuk.org
Scientific Advisor Peter Walsh Peter.walsh@nbt.nhs.uk
Membership Secretary Michael Owen membership@neuromonitoringuk.org
Marketing & Commercial Liaison Darren Martin-Lamb cl@neuromonitoringuk.org 
Newsletter Editor Beverley Haworth & Mike Pridgeon newsletter@neuromonitoringuk.org
Events organiser Rebecca Chiripanyanga events@neuromonitoringuk.org
Web Administrator Alexander Woodhams webadmin@neuromonitoringuk.org

Executive members are elected democratically periodically. We also have various volunteer sub-committee members who help run the organisation. If you would like more information on being involved in the Neuromonitoring UK please e-mail the Chairman for more information.

There is currently a single level of subscribership (Subscriber) set at £15 for a year, this entitles you to the NM UK e-newsletter (currently 3 issues per year). Subscriber monies are used to further the aims of the group including holding scientific and educational meetings.

Neuromonitoring UK is indebted to the medical equipment companies who have, by sponsorship, ensured that there is an element of financial stability.  This stability will allow the group to run study days and develop other education and training initiatives.